Webinar – Transforming fieldwork: The AI advantage in network data collection

Instant data capture with the scan of a smartphone? In this webinar we explore the innovative app SSP Vision and its use of computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality to automatically capture detailed network asset data.
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3-GIS is used by companies worldwide to transform how they plan, design, construct, and support their telecom networks. Our web-based network design and management software and services give our customers the information they need to expedite their time to revenue, create integrity in their data, and inform business decisions throughout their entire organization.


Are you utilizing all your network assets to the fullest?

3-GIS helps you manage the high fixed costs of designing, building, and maintaining fiber networks, while uncovering hidden
revenue potential.


Do you have network data spread across platforms?

The 3-GIS data model was built with collaboration in mind and empowers you to break down data silos, manage copper and fiber together, and apply your outside plant (OSP) data across the entire enterprise.


Do you ever question the accuracy of your telecom data?

3-GIS makes it easier than ever to ensure and maintain the accuracy of your data through tools developed to minimize the risk of data corruption, reduce redundancy, and effortlessly scale operations.

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