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3-GIS | Network Solutions is a comprehensive, web-based GIS network management solution for telecommunications. Our solution allows enterprises to plan, design, and manage networks; provides real-time data that is used enterprise-wide; and enables automation for faster service activation, in one seamless system.


Product solutions

Network management

With 3-GIS | Web, go beyond understanding where network assets are located, but also know the way those assets work together and interact with one another to bring service to the end user. From easily modeling complex telecom networks to locating outages faster by identifying the common point of failure and finding the best path to service new customers, 3-GIS fiber network solutions will save your organization time and money by helping users across the entire enterprise know your network.

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The 3-GIS | Mobile application allows for edits to be made directly from the field and updated in real time, keeping system records accurate while reducing time for approval from the customer. With its fully configurable interface for the job-at-hand, 3-GIS | Mobile is a disconnected solution that allows field engineers to work offline and synchronize upon establishing network connection.

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Engineering applications

3-GIS | Prospector brings the speed of an architectural engine to network planning. By using a multi-modal modeling technique that simultaneously looks across multiple datasets, such as existing fiber cables, street centerline, ducts, curb lines, or other utility lines, 3-GIS | Prospector generates the most efficient and advantageous network routes.

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As a web-based system, 3-GIS | Network Solutions has the computing power to adjust to business’ needs, big or small. Our system architecture allows users to almost immediately increase or decrease their resources based on their business demands.


Confidentiality and availability of our customers’ information are critical to their success. Using leading cloud-platforms allow us to take advantage of the rigorous security measures they already have in place. We also have measures in place, such as database backups, to help prevent catastrophic data loss.


Ensuring our system simplifies our customers’ various workflows is one of our top development priorities. Because of this, 3-GIS | Admin, our configuration console, allows system administrators to set user permissions, define rules and guidelines, and configure the software to best suit individual workflows and operational requirements.

Data access

Built with collaboration in mind, data from 3-GIS is easily integrated into necessary downstream applications - provisioning systems, billing systems, even CRM systems - to support our customers in successfully delivering end-to-end service.

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