A comprehensive fiber design and management solution for utilities

Utility companies have long suffered from the inefficiencies of building and managing their different networks in separate systems. They have been plagued with inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate data that has led to deficient reports, time loss, and operational frustrations. In response, utility providers are increasingly modernizing their digital infrastructure to help better inform their fiber engineering and network management strategies.

Solutions to support your multi-network mapping needs

Fiber network infrastructure is essential in providing support to the development of smart cities. Whether it is tracking current dark fiber or finding capacity within the existing network, utility providers need a system that can:

  • Display multiple networks simultaneously
  • Give insight into fiber and duct availability
  • Manage circuits at a customer level
  • Model the fiber network alongside existing utility network assets

What’s to gain with 3-GIS | Network Solutions?

3-GIS | Network Solutions supports the creation of buildable fiber network designs and manages telecom networks in an end-to-end system. Reduce risk and bring efficiency to every phase of fiber network deployment with software and services that:

  1. Support enterprise-wide operations
  2. Adapt to each project
  3. Promote and help maintain data accuracy

3-GIS | Solutions for utilities

What’s the 3-GIS difference?

3-GIS has proven experience helping utility providers across the globe achieve widescale fiber buildouts. Our comprehensive GIS-based fiber management system empowers processes by allowing utilities to: 

  • Mobilize field crews with offline ability to keep records updated
  • Reference additional GIS data layers supported by Esri™
  • Securely provide and limit access to third-party vendors
  • Connect and share data with related systems
  • Identify available fiber and duct paths from A to Z

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