About us

3-GIS solves the problems of the telecommunications industry for managing physical network assets. Our name refers to the third generation of GIS - shifting from paper drawings, to CAD-enabled desktop systems, to a web-based platform that enables enterprise collaboration and network data integrity. We challenge the status quo every day to provide our customers with the information they need to improve the speed to activation and achieve higher utilization of their fiber network assets; so that they can deploy complex networks faster enabling a more connected, informed, and lighted world.

3-GIS is wholly owned by SSP Innovations, a premier provider of GIS solutions for the utility & telecom industries. As an Esri platinum partner, SSP represents the top echelon of Esri product and solution providers and is well known for technology innovation within the Esri ecosystem. Together, SSP and 3-GIS will execute a shared vision to substantially expand the impact and benefit of GIS for the telecommunications infrastructure industry.