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How does 3-GIS support the network lifecycle?


Start your fiber deployment projects off right with tools that help you fully understand how and where to build out your network. Whether needing to find the most opportunistic routes or bring in landbase features to determine how to build, expanding your fiber footprint has never been easier.

Understand the best ways to tie into your existing infrastructure for your next brownfield deployment, or compile and compare GIS data to determine where to tackle your next greenfield project. Further develop your plans with high-level routing automation to find the most effective way to lay out your network.

  • Compare high level project costs
  • Integrate data to inform deployment decisions
  • Add multiple map views to enhance visibility

Suggested tools
3-GIS | Web
3-GIS | Prospector

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Engineer your networks in a system that allows for automated data input, in-depth reporting, and multi-layer GIS views. From splices to splitters, digitize physical network assets and model network connectivity to understand how service ultimately will be provided to the end user.

Gain insight into existing network capacity, availability, and utilization to understand where to best tap into existing architecture. Capture important asset information such as manufacturer, model number, and serial number; and determine the feasibility of your design by taking into account optical loss, material needs, and deployment costs.

  • Account for barriers and boundaries to avoid construction roadblocks
  • Automatically determine diverse routes based on existing infrastructure
  • Apply multiple map views to perform initial walkout from the office
  • Take your data offline with you to perform surveys from the field
  • Extract bundled construction-ready documents

Suggested tools
3-GIS | Web
3-GIS | Mobile

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Placing fiber means juggling a multitude of factors to make sure the job is done correctly, on time, and on budget. From permits and tracking to inspections and audits, make sure your teams have the information they need to accelerate the pace of your project and ultimately get your network open for service faster.

Access comprehensive construction outputs – including splice sheets and diagrams - update data in real-time, and seamlessly deliver complete as-builts without duplicating data in multiple systems or switching between databases.

  • Incorporate project-tailored construction prints with automatically generated dimension lines
  • Create activities and use dashboards to track and understand permitting status and buildout progress
  • Update work order status and communicate with stakeholders directly within the system

Suggested tools
3-GIS | Web
3-GIS | Mobile

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Understanding the details of your network is crucial to performing maintenance, providing quality customer service, updating the network, and mitigating risk. Ensure you continue to uphold SLAs by quickly responding to outage reports, streamlining repair, and restoring service.

Give your office staff the tools they need to make informed decisions that reduce truck rolls, and provide your field crews with the tools they need to pinpoint outage locations on the go to reduce time in the field.

  • Find the common points of failure between multiple reported outage locations
  • Pinpoint the coordinates and physical addresses of breaks based on OTDR results
  • Record outage activities to track issues over time

Suggested tools
3-GIS | Web
3-GIS | Mobile

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Know and grow

Your existing network data is the first step in determining the feasibility of growing your network, selling off your existing assets, or understanding potential untapped revenue. Keep track of the status of your network over time to maximize on your existing network and experience greater returns.

  • Understand your copper footprint as you work toward your full fiber goals
  • Keep track of take rates and customer retention
  • Keep up with dark fiber for expansion or leasing
  • Create reports and dashboards to share with stakeholders

Suggested tools
3-GIS | Web

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