Enhance your CAD processes with spatial support

An extension of 3-GIS | Web, 3-GIS | CAD couples the spatial awareness of GIS with the detailed drawing capabilities of CAD. This gives your engineering team greater insight into and control over the design and management of your fiber network. Draft typicals, construction prints, and descriptive layouts of cables, equipment, and structures, while simultaneously understanding their real-world locations, statuses, and utility.


Key benefits

Associate CAD file with corresponding map feature

Reference drawings adjacent to the map view of the network

Access and update DWG files directly within the Web interface

Key features

  • GIS and CAD in a single interface
  • Reduced software overhead
  • Built-in CAD interface
  • Core CAD editing functionality
  • DWG import, edit, and export support
  • DXF and PDF export support
  • Create and share templates
  • Multiple measurement unit support
  • Modern network management interface
  • Easily scale up licensing as needed
  • Simplified CAD file management
  • Automatic file save

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