Network asset management software

3-GIS | Engineering Services (ES) brings a team of fiber network engineers, outside plant (OSP) engineers, project managers, GIS and database experts, and world-class software developers to solve our customers’ business needs for expertise, speed, and efficiency to deliver and win new projects. Using all the benefits of our network asset management software, 3-GIS can assist our customers every step of the way.



Eager to get started on a network project but not exactly sure the best place to begin? Let our team of experts guide the way. Our consulting services provide you with professional advice and feedback to make sure your projects start off on the right foot and stay that way.

  • Program budget and forecasting
  • Network architecture
  • System and process workflow
  • Project management

Managed services

The demand for fiber deployment can put a strain on resources available to actively manage the network after build. Let your team focus on getting fiber in the ground and turning up services faster while our managed services team maintains the network on the back end.

  • System administration
  • As-built design updates
  • Connectivity updates
  • Audit support
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Engineering services

Save time and reduce costs by partnering with our design services team to plan and design your next fiber network. Our team uses all the tools within the 3-GIS suite to validate the network design, evaluate signal loss for each path, and ensure design parameters are met throughout the design.

  • Network planning
  • Network design
  • Permitting

Data services

Get your existing data ready to extend your network. Our data conversion team can move all your existing network data into a single 3-GIS database. Our services make it easy for you to gain the full functionality and power of 3-GIS | Web and the advantage of having all design, construction, and operational network data in a single GIS database.

  • System migration
  • Data conversion
Engineering & data services

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