Web-based fiber network management system

3-GIS | Web combines full-editing GIS, light path tracing, project tracking, single-click constructible work packets, and browser access in one fiber network management system allowing users to not only understand where their copper and fiber network assets are located, but also how they interact. Its architecture connects designers, field crew, project management staff, and other stakeholders across an enterprise, and delivers value at every stage in the life of the network.


Key benefits

Anytime anywhere access

Enterprise data

A to Z path visibility

Key features

  • Model every fiber and port
  • Track construction progress
  • Generate constructible documents
  • Document contracts data
  • Tailor to project specific workflows
  • Report to the enterprise
  • Design new laterals
  • Locate dark fiber
  • Drag and drop data import
  • Model duct connectivity
  • Record and trace signal wavelengths
  • Generate splice reports
  • Integrate panoramic map
  • Trace and record outage locations
  • Manage copper and fiber together
  • Find new signal paths
  • Create and administer work orders
  • Easily audit existing network data
  • Draft detailed CAD drawings
  • Extract dynamically generated diagrams of network connectivity
  • Model and manage equipment chassis
  • Tie systems together with enterprise APIs
  • Send messages to other users in real-time
  • Place assets using templates and material catalogs

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