Working at 3-GIS

We take great pride in our culture and work hard to produce amazing products and services by striving to be the best workplace for the world's top talent. We strive for great work-life balance and invest in helping our team members continue to grow personally and professionally.


Meet our team

Application development

Our development staff is in the constant rush of learning, building elegant innovation into the product, and impacting the company’s future growth. Our Agile development teams have the buy-in to challenge problems and create a new future for network management.


Network engineering

Network engineering sees a world of opportunity when faced with highly technical architectural and deployment issues surrounding complex telecommunication networks. The team works to deliver solutions to enable customers to build networks faster.


Product services

It is all about the interaction in our customer services groups. Working together and helping customers, our customer services groups strive to give customers the right answers and a feeling of satisfaction when a problem is solved.



When a testing analyst speaks, everyone listens and acts. Testing is more than a checkpoint, it is integral to the product development method and part of the quality and customer confidence we deliver.



IT is the most significant resource we have at 3-GIS. Our IT team provides a variety of services for operating the business including security, cloud and on-premise infrastructure, business applications, and deployment automation.



Our sales team is building long lasting relationships by being trusted advisers and engaging with customers at every level. From procurement to operations to C-level, we strive to help our customers achieve their strategic business goals.



Our marketing team powers our resonance and reach throughout the global telecom industry. We use automation to get the highest impact from our content and branding and to create a modern marketing force.


Business operations

With an eye for detail and esprit de corps, our business operations groups have the responsibility of keeping it together. Whether it is on the finance, legal, or personnel, business operations contributes the analysis, insights, and human elements to business decisions.


Our core values




Work/Life Balance





Our culture

We have four core values at 3-GIS. The first being integrity. We want to make sure each of our team members maintains integrity dealing both internally with each other, as well as externally with all of our customers. The second core value is having work-life balance, so we work hard to make sure that each team member has time to prioritize family, friends, personal enjoyment. Our third core value is teamwork. One way that we help people maintain a good work-life balance is by making sure that we have each others’ back. We work together to accomplish goals and everyone stays on the same page. The final core value that we stress here at 3-GIS is innovation. So we want to make sure that we’re creating quality products for our customers that solve complex challenges in new and innovative ways. So we feel like by enabling good work-life balance, by having integrity in what we do, and working together as good team members, that we’re able to create really innovative products that make us successful.

I think our success in the past, as well as the way we’re betting on our success for the future, is really centered around the culture we’ve created. We have an amazing work environment here where people come to work every day, they give us their best, they have the emotional capacity to focus on solving these complex challenges because they have a really good balance. So by enabling our team members to perform that way, we come out the other end with a really good product, and those good products have built a good name for us in the industry, and I feel like that’s really what’s going to be core to our success moving forward.


- Dustin Sutton, President

Colleen Dixon

I love working at 3-GIS because of the environment, the people, and our core values. We embrace cutting edge technology and methodologies to remain an industry leader; an exciting and constant challenge. We work hard and celebrate our victories together. From management to new hires, we are enthusiastic about personal growth as well as the growth of others and work together as a team to advance in our fields and better our software every iteration. Though we have grown at an incredible pace over the last several years, the core of our company is and has always been a family-first company that supports and respects one another.


Ken Looney

When working at other companies, I was able to give short and concise answers to questions about my job responsibilities, my workplace culture or my company structure. Today, I respond to those same questions like I’m explaining the nuances of my favorite plot lines from some epic Netflix series. I just passionately go on and on with tons of detail and scenarios. My workplace experience is now remarkable and my fellow team members are extraordinary so I just naturally want to share. I think that is what most of us are looking for in our work, an experience worth sharing.


Patrick Delaney

Unlike my previous gigs where a creative approach and new ideas were stifled by outdated mindsets, 3-GIS has fully embraced the energy that new blood can bring. Where some jobs require their employees to fall in line, the team at 3-GIS expects you to break the mold. This forward-thinking mindset, combined with decades of experience in the field, fuels our continued success. You would be hard-pressed to find a work environment anything like the one here at 3-GIS.


Ashlee Hornbuckle

Each day I am granted the opportunity to collaborate with a team of extremely bright and talented individuals. Here, all ideas are considered, and everyone has a chance to contribute. I am proud to belong to the community that is 3-GIS.


Harish Chidananda

From challenging and innovative work to relaxed, fun filled environment. From Lunch and learn sessions, peer to peer mentoring to BBQ Cookouts and Christmas celebrations 3GIS has a great atmosphere to work. Access to NextGen technologies are always encouraged and Its very rewarding to witness your little contributions directly impacting 3GIS's customer experience. One of my most memorable experiences with 3GIS was traveling to Europe to work with customers from various cultures which was a big plus to my personal development and professional growth


US headquarters

North Alabama

Decatur is positioned excellently in North Alabama’s fastest-growing region, right on the banks of the mighty Tennessee river. Unique shopping experiences, top-class dining, pristine green spaces, and much more are all on offer for our areas many newcomers. After work, we love to head over to nearby Monte Sano State Park for a picnic with breathtaking views or sample a new brew at the Cross-Eyed Owl Brewing Co. Couple these perks with a low cost of living, as well as a diverse, open, and friendly culture, and you have a recipe for an excellent place to call home.


Global locations

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is situated on the waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The city’s vast cultural experiences keep residents entertained with beautiful beaches, Cuban sandwiches, cigars, Ray’s baseball, Buc’s football, and much more. We enjoy working downtown where we often stroll along the Hillsborough River before enjoying a great lunch down the block. With countless parks, museums, sporting events, breweries, and shopping experiences, we are easily captivated by the bustling city, but always find time to relax on one of the many sandy beaches nearby.


Bern, Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, sitting on a sharp bend of the crystal-blue Aare River and at the foot of the majestic Alps. Bern is a cultural crossroads and while walking the streets one hears German, French, Italian, and English being spoken. The city continues to charm visitors with its arcaded old-town featuring the Zytglogge, the medieval clock tower and its Glokenspiel, built in 1405. On sunny days, we flock to the nearby Alps for hiking and skiing, or let off some steam by swimming or rafting in the Aare. Living in Bern offers an awesome opportunity to have a wonderful work-life balance, combining a modern international city with limitless outdoor activities all around.



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