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Solutions for the life of the network

Whether it's needing to manage multiple networks after an acquisition, streamline outputs for construction, or create an interoperable environment to optimize processes; 3-GIS provides the tools and expertise needed to help get the job done. Check out how 3-GIS | Network Solutions supports our customers through each phase of the network lifecycle.


Oman Broadband customer spotlight

Leading the transformation of broadband in the Middle East

As the leading provider of broadband services in the country of Oman, Oman Broadband is working to maximize coverage in rural communities and provide high-speed internet to 95% of urban premises by 2030.


Accelerating London's fibre rollout with 3-GIS

With major plans to expand its network further across London, G.Network required a clear and consolidate view of its data to enable teams to work more efficiently and reduce manual processes.


Customer spotlight - G.Network

Case Study - Athena Broadband

SaaS solution expedites FTTH buildout

Making a business decision to add FTTH to their offerings for some customers in their service area, Athena Broadband needed a way to design, permit, and support a fiber network that would start small but expand to be a more complex management challenge over time.  


Quick system migration and automated workflows speed time-to-revenue 

To continue prevailing after their acquisition of Level(3) Communications, CenturyLink needed to record and maintain accurate records.  


Case Study - CenturyLink
Customer Spotlight - Community Fibre

Rapidly responding to growing fiber demand 

In order to deploy fiber to an additional 2.2 million premises over the span of 2 years, Community Fibre required a system that enabled engineers to create detailed designs while also exposing network information to stakeholders lacking GIS experience. 


Gaining efficiency with an easy transition to 3-GIS 

To scale up their ability to connect more customers to the fiber grid by opening up their infrastructure to more players, Eniig required a powerful, user-friendly, and flexible IT solution. 


Case Study - Eniig
Case Study - Ervin Cable

Putting densification projects on the fast track

To speed up time to revenue, Ervin Cable Construction needed a mid-level (MLD) design tool capable of getting documents submitted for permitting and construction faster. 


Expanding fiber accessibility in Oregon

As a rapidly expanding public benefit internet provider, Emerald Broadband required a configurable and accessible network asset management system to deliver fiber service to underserved communities across Lane County, Oregon. 


Customer spotlight - Emerald Broadband

Case Study - FiberLight

Kicking network management into high gear 

Complicated processes for maintaining fiber inventory created a lag in the marketing of available inventory. To target campaigns, FiberLight needed a single view of its network utilization. 


Paving the way for full-fiber coverage in Germany

With increasing demand, growing infrastructure, and a commitment to quality and reliability, GasLINE requires a solution which supports eliminating inefficiencies in workflow continuity, mitigating the high risk of errors due to manual interfaces, and resolving deficient data transparency to stakeholders.


Customer Spotlight - GasLINE

Customer Spotlight - Huntsville Utilities


Helping a community’s fiber footprint grow 

In response to plans to build and lease dark fiber, Huntsville Utilities needed a way to accelerate time to construction and track fiber assets.  



Automation facilitates network design and engineering

Looking to cut costs and time, Onug sought an automated solution to alleviate challenges experienced during planning and engineering while optimizing asset placement. 


Case Study - Onug