Full system control at your fingertips

3-GIS | Admin enables system administrators to configure and administer the full suite of 3-GIS software including Web, Mobile, Prospector, and CAD to help organizations meet project needs and adhere to policies and procedures. With 3-GIS | Admin, take control over the user experience, and make updates whenever you need. No custom code required.

Full system control at your fingertips

Key benefits

Greater control and autonomy

Ready-set usability

Project flexibility

Key features

  • Assign user roles
  • Define user groups
  • Limit tool access
  • Control data access by third-parties
  • See overall system health
  • Define administrator privileges
  • Maintain material catalog
  • Define BOM and QAQC rules
  • Define work packet exports
  • Restrict and define data input
  • Control attribution visibility and editability
  • Create custom reports
  • Browser-based

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