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Demo videos


Process diagrams



Product release webinars

Network Express™ release

Discover the ins and outs of 3-GIS | Network Express and learn more about how the framework can be used to elevate and expedite your fiber network design process


Product release webinars

Fischer 3 release

See the new features and capabilities that will continue to empower our customers to uplevel their network management operations.

Prospector 2 release

See the new functionality and speed added to our automated routing tool, 3-GIS | Prospector.


Quick start courses

Industry challenges and trends



Bringing best-of-breed technologies together

Learn how vendors can collaborate to bring best-of-breed data management technologies together to provide a unified solution for CSPs and their EPCs.



How to improve project collaboration between vendors and CSPs

Explore how communication service providers and their engineering vendors are adapting their businesses to leverage collaboration.

Riding the wave

Documenting wavelengths in 3-GIS to inform business decisions and achieve peak network utilization.

Lift and shift

Taking your network management to the cloud. Discover the operational advantages of utilizing cloud infrastructure for business systems.

Data veracity

This webinar, Tools and workflows for maintaining data veracity, discusses the importance of data integrity and explores best practices for keeping data accurate.



Fusing OSP data and AI

Discover how combining your physical network data with AI techniques can streamline business decisions organization-wide.


Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help build your networks faster and cheaper.

End-to-end economics

Get the most value from your OSP assets by leveraging the data created during the planning, building and managing of your network.

Improve field data collection

3-GIS | Mobile puts your network data directly in the hands of work crews, allowing you to improve the efficiencies of your critical rideouts.



Reporting with dashboards

Learn how to power your business with near real-time network data using dashboards.

Management solutions for the life of the network

Leverage data created when planning and constructing the physical network as a keystone for collaboration throughout the economic life of the network.

Utilizing the power of mobile tools

See how 3-GIS | Mobile can be a valuable tool during all phases of a fiber network project.

Don't miss a beat. Change your engineering workflow and move faster

A comparison of traditional paper methods versus the human-in-the-loop design process that utilizes automation.



Tools to keep your construction projects on target

Learn about the tools 3-GIS offers that can help keep your network construction projects on schedule and on budget.

Bridging the digital divide

See how 3-GIS tools can make your CAF II and rural telecom projects a success.

Adding automation to network engineering

How you can make a smooth transition to a network engineering process that includes the power of automation.

Meeting the demands of fiber densification

A discussion about the impact fiber densification is having on network engineering and construction.



Embracing automation in network planning and design

Listen in as we discuss the operational advantages you can experience by adding automation to your network planning and design workflows

Umstellung auf die Cloud

Hosting in der Cloud ermöglicht neuartige Skalierbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit wichtiger Business Systeme. Hören Sie sich unsere neueste Folge von #FibersideChat an, um mehr zu erfahren.

Business operations post-pandemic

Listen to hear more from 3-GIS CEO, Tom Counts, and 3-GIS President, Dustin Sutton, on how business operations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.



GIS and fiber deployment

Hear about some advantages of utilizing GIS in today’s fiber network design which aid in both high-level and low-level automation.

Lift and shift

With so many companies having a distributed workforce, cloud technology has proven advantageous to have a cloud-based system in place.

Six pillars of a modern, robust network management system

Dig into the six pillars that show the strength of a modern network management solution and allow enterprises to get the best business outcomes from their systems.



Maintaining data integrity

Companies rely on data for every facet of their business operations. But how clean and accurate is that data when the time comes to utilize it?



Collaboration for deploying fiber networks

Get your fiber up and running. Discover some advantages utilities and co-ops can capitalize on during fiber deployment, and learn how to overcome some of the potential challenges.



Planning, designing, and future-proofing networks

A discussion about how knowing the physical network can help service providers and their engineering and construction firms increase their speed to revenue.

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