An end-to-end fibre design and management solution for AltNets

Fast growing demand for broadband in the UK, combined with increasing pressure for AltNets to accelerate the deployment of their fibre services, has resulted in the need for scalable fibre design tools to combat rapidly approaching deadlines. These tight deadlines for immense tasks are no small challenge. However, with a solid physical network inventory (PNI) for both reliable design and management, fibre projects can be achieved on time and on budget.

Employ usable and accurate data for the lifetime of your network

Maintaining accurate data is a must for AltNets working to quickly expand networks and capitalise on existing investment. By integrating a GIS-based solution built to support every stage of fibre network deployment—from planning through management—AltNets can:

  • Continue to maintain network data after the design stage
  • Avoid data siloes and data input errors from duplicate entry
  • Better understand customer acquisition rates and service areas to pursue
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience through better support and outage response

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What's to gain with 3-GIS | Network Solutions?

3-GIS | Network Solutions supports the creation of buildable fibre network designs, effortlessly scales up as projects grow, and manages entire networks in an end-to-end system. By embracing the technology in our fibre network design and management software, we can reduce risk and bring efficiency to every phase of your network. 3-GIS offers comprehensive software solutions that deliver:

Automation tools to speed revenue realisation

A to Z network visibility to see the connectivity and availability of your resources

Ready-set usability for workflows configured to your operations

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What's the 3-GIS difference?

With comprehensive software and services, 3-GIS enables AltNets to seamlessly move through planning to network management, with the added benefit of end-to-end customer support to guarantee satisfaction and synergy between the design and management stages.

3-GIS has proven experience helping AltNets overcome common challenges of fibre network deployment like funding obstacles and resource allocation headaches by:

  • Producing accurate reporting for obtaining funding
  • Alleviating concern of adopting unfamiliar technology with an easy to use, web-based system
  • Reducing internal IT support demands
  • Generating detailed and accurate records to share progress with stakeholders
  • Supporting the entire network lifecycle

"We chose 3-GIS because we are continuing to invest and extend our network and, put simply, speed matters. We reviewed the market, and the 3-GIS ESRI-based products are the best and the fastest."

-Guy Stevens, Planning Manager at G.Network

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