Full telecom network lifecycle solutions for service providers

Service providers grapple with the complexity of managing diverse and rapidly evolving network infrastructures, securing resources for expansions, meeting customer expectations for seamless connectivity, and navigating intense competition. In response, they must continually update and align their network management strategies with the latest technological advancements.

Solutions to support your network mapping needs

Addressing the challenge of maintaining an up-to-date network management strategy requires investment in comprehensive technology, collaboration with industry partners, and continuous training and upskilling of personnel. To stay agile, innovative, and responsive to the evolving needs of customers, service providers should seek a system that allows the:

  • Capture of accurate and complete data
  • Mobilization of crews and enhancement of field operations
  • Application of analytics and multiple GIS reference layers
  • Distribution of critical reports to the entire enterprise

What’s to gain with 3-GIS | Network Solutions?

3-GIS | Network Solutions supplies a collaborative environment for service providers of all sizes to implement asset management and operational strategies. With a comprehensive solution that facilitates network mapping, streamlines field operations, integrates with existing systems, automates workflows, enables spatial analytics, and supports enterprise-wide reporting; 3-GIS | Network Solutions supports the entire network lifecycle.

  1. Comprehensive network management
  2. Seamless system integration
  3. Single system of record

What’s the 3-GIS difference?

With decades of telecom experience, 3-GIS has been instrumental in supporting service providers worldwide in achieving widescale fiber buildouts. Our comprehensive GIS-based network management system empowers processes within and across departments by allowing enterprises to: 

  • Manage copper and fiber networks from a single system
  • Track fiber and duct availability, capacity, and utilization
  • Securely provide and limit access to third-party vendors
  • Administer system configuration without custom code
  • Reference multiple GIS data to better inform plans
  • Tie into and share data with OSS and BSS

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