Speed wins. Increase your fiber build velocity.

When being responsive to change means accessing your network planning system anytime, anywhere, 3-GIS software as a service delivers for every stage of your network engineering and construction. Increase your fiber project velocity at scale, accelerate the delivery of data, and improve network data accuracy and reporting while maintaining control and supporting your service provider customers’ digital transformation goals.


Speed wins

When it comes to laying the foundation for digital transformation, speed wins. Speed to permitting. Speed to design. Speed to activation. And speed to revenue. When you have to get there faster, 3-GIS network solutions for planning, designing, and delivering as-built models give you the applications you need where you need them.

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What's to gain with 3-GIS?

We work with engineering and construction firms and service providers of all sizes on a daily basis to help them execute their operational strategies and accelerate their project velocity. Learn how 3-GIS software as a service can expedite your network planning and design and allow you to:

Generate route plans and designs in minutes

Increase or decrease scale of production rapidly

Generate designs in an end-to-end collaborative system

Obtain more accurate cost estimates

Decrease potential for human error

Reduce rework in planning and engineering

What's the automation difference?

3-GIS offers two automation tools that facilitate your network planning and design operations. 3-GIS | Prospector empowers sales, planning, and engineering by automating much of the time-consuming point and click process associated with mapping out future networks. 3-GIS | Network Express™ is a framework inside 3-GIS | Web that organizes and prepares input data for market-leading design automation and optimization engines and seamlessly transfers this data to and from those engines. These tools allow users to:

  • Discover the speed of automation and save up to 90% design time
  • Make one entry into systems throughout the plan to as-built process, not four
  • Decrease potential of human error by 75% while remaining in full control of the design process
  • Create buildable fiber network designs with unsurpassed precision


See the cost savings you can gain

Optimize resources. Save time. Deliver faster. 3-GIS | Network Express is a framework of work processes using machine-informed decisions and software to expedite fiber network building projects and programs. If you are engineering and deploying new networks, you can use this tool to estimate the cost-savings impact that 3-GIS | Network Express can have on your fiber network deployments. Use your own data for labor costs and typical project hours associated with planning, designing, posting, and project management.

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"The speed 3-GIS brings to our design process gets us to construction faster. Ultimately, the increased speed of the project gets us to revenue sooner."

-Tim Sherman, Ervin Cable Construction

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