Multi-vendor collaboration: Bringing best-of-breed technologies together

Communications service providers (CSPs) are seeking to gain a competitive advantage for business growth opportunities and striving to leverage their data assets more comprehensively. As CSPs turn their focus to breaking down data silos which create inefficiencies and disrupt managerial visibility, they are looking to vendors to take on more of a partner role than simply a traditional supplier role.  In this webinar the audience will learn how a multi-vendor group collaborated to bring best-of-breed data management technologies together to provide a unified solution for a CSP to design, build, and maintain their physical network.

During this webinar, presenters discussed:

  • How vendors working together can help CSPs and their EPCs realize their strategic goals 
  • How CSPs can integrate design, engineering, and construction workflows to decrease costs, deliver on time, and improve quality
  • How effective vendor collaboration can bring the highest value solutions to the market

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