3-GIS | Network Solutions is offered in a variety of packages designed to meet your organization's specific needs

3-GIS Live Professional

  • Add/remove users
  • Full database export
  • Knowledge base access
  • Online service desk access
  • Immediate access to software updates
  • Basic user licenses available
  • 1 advanced user license required
  • 1 map service/all users
  • 5 day configuration time
  • Annual billing cycle

3-GIS Live Enterprise

*Includes all Professional features and the following:
  • Schema changes
  • Configuration
  • Map service changes
  • Data loading
  • Support hotline access
  • 3 advanced user licenses required
  • 1 map service/15 users
  • Annual or monthly billing cycle

3-GIS Live Enterprise+

* Includes all Enterprise features and the following:
  • First in queue for support tickets
  • 15 advanced user licenses required
  • 1 map service/10 users

3-GIS On Premise

  • Set up behind your firewall
  • Server software configurable with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Postgres
  • Choice of software updates
  • Test environment available (recommended)
  • 1 map service/all users

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