Draco service pack 1 

3-GIS continues to make fiber network management and planning easier with the release of Draco service pack 1 (SP1). Users will benefit from enhanced performance and response along with new features in both 3-GIS | Web and Prospector.

Some on the new capabilities in the release include:

  • 3-GIS | Web
    • An enhanced ability to easily view the connectivity of fibers within a cable or sections of a cable
    • A new sketch offset tool allows users to trace existing features then offset new features from them at specified distances
  • 3-GIS | Prospector
    • Users will be able to store barrier features in the database and share them with other projects
    • Users will be able override the default cost and create custom costs for individual streets within a region

For a complete breakdown of what is include in Draco SP1 see the release notes.

To see the new features in action watch the Draco SP1 webinar.

See new release features:

Implementation & Training

For 3-GIS Live customers the upgrade to Draco SP1 will happen automatically. On premise customers need to submit a support ticket to schedule their implementation. 3-GIS customers will have free access to online Draco SP1 training modules until the end of 2018. If you need login credentials contact your customer advocate.  For any other questions regarding training fill out this form and we will contact you.

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