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As a service provider, you are seeking ways to gain business advantages by getting your fiber networks activated faster than your competition. But it isn’t enough just to deploy quickly. Every day that is spent passing data back and forth between your vendors and systems is time that interjects errors and lost revenue. With 3-GIS you can create a digital model of your fiber network and collaborate with your engineering and construction vendors to update the operational database with as-built data in real time.


A framework for better outside plant management

In the fiber network market, the winner takes all. That’s why service providers -from the largest to the local - come to 3-GIS to transform the way they do business. In this new business framework, engineering vendors use field data to plan, design, and construct a fiber network, then deliver project data in a model and format that can seamlessly be used with business operations systems.

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What's to gain with 3-GIS?

We work with service providers and engineering and construction firms of all sizes on a daily basis to help them execute their operational strategies and accelerate their project velocity. Learn how implementing this business model can increase your competitive edge and accelerate your digital transformation by delivering:

A method that can scale to meet strategic business objectives

Readiness to market new services at the time of completion

Designs generated in an end-to-end collaborative system

Physical network data integrated with other operational systems

Planning and construction data used to manage the physical network

Best practices for overcoming vendor reluctance to change


Data interexchange in the real-world

This webinar presents the business process where one of the largest service providers in the US not only created a digital model of their fiber network but also collaborated with their engineering and construction vendors to update the operational database with as-built data in real time. The discussion reviews an at-scale project where this business model transformed the traditional engineering and construction processes with 20 vendors and delivered over 40,230 fibre kilometers in 8 months. Gain perspective of the business process changes needed to break data silos between external and internal resources and create a framework for faster activation and high data accuracy of outside plant assets.

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Increase project velocity with collaboration

As CSPs turn their focus to breakdown data silos that create inefficiencies and disrupts managerial visibility, they are looking to vendors to take on more of a partner role than simply a supplier. CSPs can get the best solution when they create an environment where multiple vendors collaborate to bring their best-of-breed products to address a single mutual business goal, speed-to-revenue. In this case, the unified goal of planning, designing, and constructing a fiber network so that it is ready for service activation faster than each vendor working independently.

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"We are using the data in the whole they can use it in sales, or in installation, or in customer service. They can get the data they want or need for doing their job."

-Maibritt Fyhn Nielsen, Eniig

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