America runs on fiber. Get your city in the race.

Whether driven by the goal of developing and enabling smart city infrastructure, decreasing operating expenses, expanding job opportunities, or extending a network to support public safety efforts, municipalities across the country are beginning to reap the benefits of deploying their own fiber networks. Get your city in the race to experience the same economic development and quality of life advantages too.


Let automation drive your deployment

3-GIS offers two automation solutions that facilitate your network planning and design operations. 3-GIS | Prospector empowers sales, planning, and engineering by automating much of the time-consuming point and click process associated with mapping out future networks. 3-GIS | Network Express™ is a framework inside 3-GIS | Web that organizes and prepares input data for market-leading design automation and optimization engines and seamlessly transfers this data to and from those engines. These tools allow users to:

  • Discover the speed of design automation and save up to 90% design time
  • Reduce rework in planning and engineering due to fiber assignment issues by 30%
  • Make one entry into systems throughout the planning to as-built process instead of four
  • Decrease potential of human error by 75% while remaining in full control of the design process
  • Create buildable fiber network designs with unsurpassed precision

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What's to gain with 3-GIS | Network Solutions?

Now that your city has decided to deploy its own fiber network, creating a plan to design, build, and manage your network in a way that will maximize its return is critical. Embracing technology, specifically fiber network design and management software, can help reduce risk and bring efficiency to all phases of your network. 3-GIS offers comprehensive software solutions that deliver:

Automation tools to speed revenue realization

A to Z network visibility to see the connectivity and availability of your resources

Ready-set usability for workflows configured to your operations

What's the 3-GIS difference?

3-GIS has proven experience helping municipalities overcome common challenges of fiber network deployment like funding obstacles and resource allocation headaches by:

  • Producing accurate reporting for obtaining funding
  • Alleviating concern of adopting unfamiliar technology with an easy to use, web-based system
  • Reducing internal IT support demands
  • Generating detailed and accurate records to facilitate leasing of capacity
Data Retrieval

"We are happy to have found a cost effective solution that allows us to properly design and document our outside fiber plant from the start. After lessons learned from buying wireless companies which had little documentation or network information, we wanted to properly record our fiber builds from the beginning rather than try to recreate it once it was in the ground."

-Josh Lynch, Athena Broadband

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