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190816 Ervin Tombstone

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In 2017 Ervin Cable and Construction (ECC) was in the beginning stages of a densification project for a customer in a major U.S. market. The new design needed to use C-Ran technology with small cell and macro cell sites, a preemptive build out of the 5G network. To meet the timeline demands of the project, ECC needed to deliver 300,000 feet of design a month, so they were looking for a design solution that could speed up their existing manual process.

They turned to 3-GIS for a point-to-point network design. The 3-GIS Augmented Design Services (ADS) team used Prospector, the 3-GIS network planning tool, to create initial design routes to support HUB connectivity and layout. The end goal was to get documents submitted for permitting and construction faster, enabling a faster time to revenue.

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