Draco Service Pack 2 makes 3-GIS an even more powerful life-of-the-network solution

Draco Service Pack 2 (SP2) includes updates to 3-GIS Web and 3-GIS | Mobile. Users will benefit from new tools and features that will give them the ability to:

  • Document multiple connected networks within the same environment
  • Accurately track construction status with 3-GIS | Web and 3-GIS | Mobile
  • Quickly get a fiber mileage count within a selected area

3-GIS customers can contact their customer advocate or submit a support ticket to schedule their implementation of Draco SP2.

For a complete breakdown of what’s new with Draco SP2 see the release notes.

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Online training modules for Draco SP2 will be available to 3-GIS customers. If you need login credentials fill out this form and they will be emailed to you.  For any other questions regarding training fill out this form and we will contact you.

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