3-GIS | Network Express™

3-GIS | Network Express is a framework that increases project velocity and expedites time to revenue. It creates an environment within 3-GIS | Web to organize and prepare input data for computation by market-leading design automation and optimization engines that give results in minutes. It gives engineering customers the tools needed to build a digital model of the network, assess designs, make decisions, and generate buildable construction packages. The framework provides a single input of data that flows through the planning and design phases onto delivering an accurate as-built network model eliminating the burden of data entry into multiple systems.


Key benefits

Speed to revenue

Design project scalability

Optimal, consistent output

Key features

  • Receive connected route designs in minutes
  • Increase or decrease scale of production rapidly
  • Generate designs in an end-to-end collaborative system
  • Obtain more accurate cost estimates
  • Decrease potential for human error
  • Reduce rework in planning and engineering due to fiber assignment issues

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