Network connection manager software

3-GIS | Network Express, an extension to 3-GIS | Web, is a network connection manager software that increases project velocity and expedites time to revenue. Through consultation with our in-house engineers and a highly configurable software interface, your team is given the tools needed to plan your next fiber build and carry that plan through to produce high level designs in minutes, compare plan variations, assess deployment costs, and generate buildable construction packages. This framework provides a single input of data that flows through the planning and design phases onto delivering an accurate as-built network model eliminating the burden of data entry into multiple systems.


Key benefits

Speed to revenue

Design project scalability

Optimal, consistent output

Key features

  • Evaluate various aspects of a fiber build out
  • Generate high level designs in an end-to-end collaborative system
  • Increase or decrease scale of production rapidly
  • Understand the cost of deployment
  • Decrease potential for human error
  • Deploy data and configuration per project to meet specifications
  • Maintain a single system of truth

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