Fusing outside plant data and AI to maximize CapEx

Network management systems and processes are broken, which is bad timing for an industry undergoing such tremendous transformation. Innovations that address scale, automation, and intelligence are emerging, but they must be implemented with the big picture in mind. This picture must include the essential and data-rich environment of the outside plant (OSP). OSP data, applied in a more ubiquitous manner across the business, can improve time to market, order accuracy, CapEx investment and strategy, automated network operations, responsiveness, and more.

Watch the recording to:

  • See how changes in planning and managing OSP can improve the communication service provider (CSP) business as a whole
  • Learn about key factors network operators need to consider about their OSP investments
  • Explore how advanced analytics such as AI can help with everything from lowering CapEx to improving workflow
  • Discuss how CSPs bridging the work of multiple parties designing and building their networks could improve the time to market for new services

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