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An exploration of crowdwork, machine learning and experts for extracting information from data
          A white paper exploring the impact of machine learning on GIS projects.

The Power of Automation in FTTx planning and design

Articles and press releases

3-GIS Europe moves into new office (2019)
       3-GIS Europe expanding to better serve customers in the EMEA markets

3-GIS opens 2nd US-based office (2018)
       To keep up with growing demand for its fiber network management and design solutions 3-GIS is expanding its US presence

Huntsville, Alabama and 3-GIS
        Broadband Communities highlights how the city of Huntsville used 3-GIS to help build more than 1,000 miles of fiber 


The workflow 3-GIS Augmented Design Services uses to add speed the network design process

See the processes 3-GIS has in place to get new customers up and running quickly with our software

Process roadmap
The roadmap 3-GIS follows to get your organization on the path to a brighter fiber future

Video demonstrations

Blown fiber - Easily model blown fiber with tools in 3-GIS | Web

Ancillary networks - Document ancillary networks including power, copper and coax alongside your fiber network

Construction tracking tool - Share the status network construction projects across the entire enterprise

Feature importing - Drag and drop data to have network features placed on the map

Connection manager tool - Manage all aspects of connectivity and create signal paths within your network

Auto dimensions tool - See how 3-GIS will save you time producing diagrams for permitting

Admin counts tool - A new tool that makes it easy to get a clear view of fiber connectivity within a cable section

Prospector - Watch the 3-GIS network planning  tool in action as it generates routes to destination points

Webinars & presentations

Reporting with dashboards (September 2019) - Learn how to power your business with near real-time network data using dashboards

Elgaria product release (July 2019) - See the new tools available in 3-GIS | Web

Speed-to-revenue (June 2019) - Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help build your networks faster and cheaper

Planning, designing and future-proofing networks podcast (May 2019) - A discussion about how knowing the physical network can help service providers and their engineering and construction firms increase their speed to revenue

End-to-end economics (May 2019) - Get the most value from your OSP assets by leveraging the data created during the planning, building and managing of your network

Management solutions for the life-of-the-network (March 2019) -  Leverage data created when planning and constructing the physical network as a keystone for collaboration throughout the economic life of the network

Draco SP2 product release (Feb. 2019) - See the new tools and features available in 3-GIS | Web and 3-GIS | Mobile

Utilizing the power of mobile tools (Jan. 2019) - See how 3-GIS | Mobile can be a valuable tool during all phases of a fiber network project

3-GIS company overview (Jan. 2019) - A look at how 3-GIS has evolved and expanded its footprint since its founding in 2006.

Don't miss a beat, change your engineering workflow and move faster (Nov. 2018) - A comparison of tradition paper methods versus the human-in-the-loop design process that utilizes automation

Tools to keep your construction projects on target (Nov. 2018) - Learn about the tools 3-GIS offers that can help keep your network construction projects on schedule and on budget

Onboarding made easy (Oct. 2018) - Learn about 3-GIS's training options, implementation procedures and data conversion and importing capabilities that make it easy to get started with our solution

Bridging the digital divide (Aug. 2018)- See how 3-GIS tools can make your CAF II and rural telecom projects a success

Draco SP1 product release (July 2018) - See how new tools and features in 3-GIS | Web and Prospector make network management and design easier

Adding automation to network engineering (May 2018) - How you can make a smooth transition to a network engineering process that includes the power of automation

Meeting the demands of fiber densification (April 2018) - A discussion about the impact fiber densification is having on network engineering and construction 

Draco product release (Feb 2018) - A demo of Prospector and new features and functions available in 3-GIS | Web

Product releases

3-GIS | Web Elgaria (June 2019)

3-GIS | Web Draco service pack 2 (February 2019)

3-GIS | Web Draco service pack 1 (June 2018)

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