3-GIS Training

3-GIS offers professional training to help you take full advantage of all the tools and features found in the 3-GIS product suite. We have several training options to best fit your needs and time requirements that include:

  • Classroom instruction - provides face to face training that can be done at a 3-GIS facility or on-site at your organization
  • Online instructor led training - done remotely via webcast to your office
  • Customized courses - covers the topics of your choice, or based on your own data
  • Self-paced online courses - a series of short, self-paced and self-guided online lessons
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Quick start online training courses

Our quick start courses consist of a variety of training videos that are free to current 3-GIS users. You can view the videos from anywhere you have internet access and they can be customized to meet your workflow. The courses are focused on four main areas:

  • User experience
  • Basic editing
  • Connection manager
  • Telecom tools

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