Build dashboards and get business insights using your network data

potential revenue dashboard

Use your 3-GIS network data to break down data silos and share physical network data crucial for informing business and operational decisions. A portal view gives any department easy access to dashboards. The benefits this real-time data can provide to the entire enterprise include:

  • Know where to build when planning your network to reach the most potential revenue
  • Know the status of network construction projects when targeting new customers
  • Keep your financial department up-to-date on what services are being delivered
  • Detailed reports on your assets for more efficient network operations

Join the 3-GIS Reporting with dashboards webinar on September 11th at 11:00am CDT to learn more about using your network data to build dashboards for real-time insights to run your business better. Fill out the form to register.

Reporting with dashboards webinar