3-GIS Advantages

Accelerate deployment

Expand the access to information

Better data for better decisions

Share across the enterprise

No matter the size of the project, all service providers have one common goal - to build a network that rapidly delivers the best market opportunities. Our network solutions can help with that

Web-based access

Users are able to access all the capabilities of 3-GIS applications from wherever they need using their web browser or mobile device

Prescribed routes

Network planners create the rules for their specific location and the 3-GIS application generates options for least cost point-to-point routes

Informed designs

Network engineers can use the power of an architectural engine to solve complex network design tasks creating the opportunities to analyze multiple design options

Constructable output

Generate the work packets and documents you need to get to permitting faster

From the office to the field, create the work processes to improve your system records for faster response time


A connected or fully disconnected 3-GIS mobile solution allows field engineers to use GPS or manual selection customized for the job-at-hand simplicity and synchronize upon connection

Workflow and approvals

Our applications easily tailors to any business process and drives progress with flexible approval processes

Editing, redlines, and sharing

Users have the tools readily available to perform data edits so you can condition your network design and to keep the most up-to-date network feature information

When data is the heart of your strategic decisions, you need accuracy to answer your key business questions

Single database

A single source of information for all of your OSP assets for the life-of-network

Geospatial reference

Built on Esri ArcGIS and a standard Esri data model, 3-GIS layers geodata such as Esri, weather services, panoramic views for users to construct their local environment

Detailed feature attributes

Users can attribute fields for each feature specifically to meet their needs and seamlessly integrate with other systems such as approved vendors list or EXFO

Give users across the enterprise a dashboard to get the right network information in the right perspective


Single login into dashboards that offer a real-time picture of the enterprise's OSP projects and assets at a glance


Dig deeper with detailed reports to show splice diagrams, signal propagation and attenuation, ad OTDR tracing throughout your network

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