Tom Counts, Chief Executive Officer

Tom Counts is CEO and co-founder of 3-GIS. Under Tom’s guidance, 3-GIS established its market leadership and has rapidly expanded its geographic reach. Tom has received numerous awards for the company’s growth and civic participation including 2019 Esri Expanding into the Cloud, Inc., 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, and for 5 years running both INC 5000's Fastest Growing Companies and Broadband Communities FTTH Top 100. These awards recognize the extraordinary success of the business in areas of industry innovation, economic impact, and commitment to the community.

Prior to co-founding 3-GIS, he led product development, project management, and operational organizations at Telcordia, Mesa Solutions, and Intergraph. He serves on the board of directors at Decatur Utilities, JANA Corporation, and several non-profits. Tom is passionate about corporate citizenship and has championed numerous charitable and education programs. He is a graduate from the University of Alabama in Huntsville holding a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry.


Jerry Golden, Chief Operating Officer

Jerry Golden is co-founder and COO at 3-GIS. Jerry is responsible for the company's network and security, service delivery and business operations. Jerry’s breadth of experience has delivered telecommunication infrastructure projects for the largest carriers worldwide.

Prior to 3-GIS, he managed system integration groups at Intergraph Corporation, MESA Solutions, and Telcordia Technologies delivering GIS telecommunications (fiber, copper, and coaxial networks), and utility (electric and gas) solutions. Jerry holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University. He has received Auburn’s Top Tigers Award in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


Tommy Siniard, Chief Technical Officer

Tommy Siniard, Chief Technical Officer, oversees the strategy and development of 3-GIS's software solutions. He has gained vast experience working with over 150 telecommunication companies in more than 30 countries to build software applications to manage complex telecom infrastructure.

Over his career he has co-founded 2 companies, including 3-GIS, and built market-dominant commercial software products. In his role as 3-GIS CTO, his philosophy towards software propels the development of applications designed for innate user adoption and modularity, and scalability. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and Finance from the University of Alabama Huntsville, bringing a thorough understanding of the view and information needed by telecom executives to run their business successfully and he embeds that into the product direction at 3-GIS.


Dustin Sutton, President

Dustin has twelve years of experience leading dynamic teams and organizations in the medical and telecommunications sectors to consistent growth and outperformance of their peers. Dustin’s mission at 3-GIS is to build upon its reputation as a thought leader in the industry and to do so with personnel who exhibit integrity and empathy for customers who operate in a very complex and ever-changing industry. Dustin has spent the past seven years at 3-GIS visiting over 70 different telecommunications companies in 16 countries to gain insight into the daily challenges of building and operating a fiber network. It’s this experience that helps guide the 3-GIS organization to solve complex problems with intuitive software solutions.