Introducing 3-GIS | Web "INCA" Edition

If you are an INCA member, you are one of more than 140 small- to medium sized operators involved in constructing, building and managing a fibre-optic network. Whether FTTH, FTTB, Backhaul or Fibre-to-the-Transmitter, the “Great British Race” is on and you are concerned with getting your infrastructure planned, estimated and into the ground in the most cost-effective and rapid way.

But you need the right tools to be fast and effective! You may be using approaches such as CAD or Google Earth or QGIS to plan and document your network, but you are already aware of their limitations. You need traceability, you need splicing, you need duct availability, you need build quantities. You are aware that a true cloud-based GIS with full-signal and duct topology is the way to go, but can you afford it?

Now you can! 3-GIS, one of the global leaders of cloud-based advanced network documentation and planning tools is proud to unveil the new special “INCA” edition. Exclusive for INCA members, you get access to advanced documentation and management capability at a much-reduced price.

Included in the package:


>  User account for 3-GIS Web and its market leading capabilities and an attractive price of £245 per month with no long-term commitment (cancellable any time with 3 months’ notice
Unlimited access to our on-line eLearning platform (Free!)
> Unlimited access to our range of included and integrated background maps, including topographic, satellite imagery and Open Street Map (Free!)
>  Say the word and you can be up and running tomorrow!

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3-GIS | Web

3-GIS Web is our flagship tool and with the INCA edition you get full feature editing and network management down to the strand- and port-level. You get signal and duct tracing, you get feature counts for estimating total build costs.  You get splice reports, the ability to output high-quality cartographic output (e.g. for planning applications) and you can export your data out to KML, SHP, CSV and other formats.

As the first Esri browser-based, fully-edit-capable GIS application, 3-GIS brings world-class GIS power into your hands for a low cost.

3-GIS is a fully cloud-based solution requiring no installation.   All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

3-GIS INCA Edition costs £245 per month with a modest one-time £500 on-boarding fee.  Subscription is cancellable after three months and any time with three months’ notice.


190220 SignalTrace Common Point EPBC_3-GIS

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