3-GIS managment solutions for the life of your network

Save time, save money and edge out the competition with powerful tools in design and network management to maximize time and resources all in one easy-to-use system.

The Power of a Full-Editing GIS with the
Ease-of-Use of a Web-Browser

All the web and mobile tools you need to plan, design, construct and manage your fiber network in one system.


What Will 3-GIS Fiber Network Solutions Mean to You?

Web, Mobile and Admin Applications Create a One-of-a-Kind Fiber Management System That Works the Way You Work

Designed to remove the complexity of using a GIS to manage the design, construction, and on-going maintenance of fiber optic networks, 3-GIS Fiber Network Solutions is the industry’s first web-based, full-editing GIS software solution for fiber optic network management. Built on Esri’s powerful ArcGIS Server platform, 3-GIS Fiber Network Solutions combines an intuitive user interface with desktop and mobile tools created specifically to address the challenges of designing and documenting network assets during all phases of the network life-cycle including planning, designing, construction and on-going network management. The web-based architecture connects designers, field crew, project management staff, and other stakeholders across an entire enterprise, with accurate real-time information about the network.

3-GIS Web is the world's leading browser based GIS. It combines the power of a full-editing GIS with the ease of use of a web-browser to deliver a simple yet powerful GIS solution. Utilizing ArcGIS Server, 3-GIS Web requires no local installation. A user with log-in right and web access can be viewing, editing, analyzing, and querying data in minutes.

> Optimized window management

>Integration with Esri Portal

> Drag and drop at a viewing and import

> Google Street View integration

> Prospector, automated planning

> Reporting and charting

3-GIS Mobile addresses a persistent need for companies to send and receive accurate information to field crews. Utilizing a task-centric mobile application like 3-GIS Mobile, field workers can begin collecting and correcting vital asset information with as little as 15 minutes of application training.

3-GIS Admin is the foundation for the next generation of geospatial data creation, editing, publishing and cross-domain sharing. Built on Esri technology, 3-GIS Admin provides the platform for asset management, mobile data sharing, and enterprise integration. 3-GIS Admin gives customers a simple and secure way to provide web and mobile users alike access to the data and functionality they need to do their jobs.

Solutions for the entire market

  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Backbone Fiber Providers
  • Engineering and Design Firms
  • Contractors
  • Local Municipalities
  • Small Cell
  • DOT's
  • Universities/ Campuses/ Private Networks
  • Military Installations

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